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Crypto Casinos:The support it’s getting from countries



Crypto Casinos

Gambling has been under discussion since it came into existence. Ever since it got developed, some countries came forward to support it, while others aggressively opposed the concept. There exist countries like Macau that once used to be a gambling hub, but the percentage of punters are now declining rapidly in the region because of the strict restrictions being imposed by the government. The world is developing rapidly and with each passing day, the concept of crypto casinos is gaining popularity. The reason behind this is that blockchain technology is associated with better security, easy and rapid transactions, and anonymity. Therefore, it is becoming famous among people of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many others. Nevertheless, different countries follow different approaches when it comes to handling cryptocurrency. There are countries that support it and there are countries that are totally against to even the idea of it.

Crypto casinos

With cryptocurrency, crypto casinos are also gaining popularity

There are countries that see a potential for growth in this business of gambling to strengthen their economies in the future but on the contrary, there exist countries that are against it.

The question arises, which countries are supporting crypto casinos and how with the help of these crypto casinos they see a bright future ahead? So let’s find out.

The United States of America

It has been found that a huge portion of the American population has an investment in cryptocurrency. More importantly, the number of investors has increased dramatically in the US with the recent upsurge in the price of Bitcoin. And this makes it clear that the concept of crypto casinos will definitely flourish in the country because of the heavy investment of American citizens in this industry.

Moreover, American law also shows flexibility in this regard. There are no laws that make gambling illegal with cryptocurrency. And because of this reason, a lot of people find gambling with cryptocurrency more rewarding than the classical methods.


Among the countries that support crypto casinos, Canada is one of them. The way people viewed cryptocurrency and the way it works has changed drastically over the past few years. The citizens of Canada have developed a huge liking for cryptocurrency lately and they are very welcoming with regard to crypto casinos. There are a number of online casinos in Canada that solely operate on cryptocurrency. In fact, some of the few casinos that don’t have this facility yet are working hard to introduce this to their customers as soon as possible.

The people of Canada love online games and they are quite fond of online gambling as well. So, there is no doubt this industry will grow rapidly over the next few years with the introduction of crypto casinos as people would love to have another payment option to pay in crypto.


Initially, when cryptocurrency was launched, people around the world were very doubtful about it. Many viewed it as a scam and it took a while for people to build their trust in it. In the world of gambling, punters are now switching to crypto casinos to play and win games. In a country like Japan, this idea is gaining fame. Japan is one of the world’s most favorite destinations for gambling. People have shown a great interest in crypto casinos and the government of Japan now looks forward to strengthening its economy with crypto casinos. Japan is among the very few countries in the world that have a friendly environment for crypto. In Japan, exchanges such as bitFlyer and Rakuten have greatly contributed to the development of the cryptocurrency market.

According to statistics, very soon the cryptocurrency market in Japan will reach new heights of success. It has been observed that this market will continue to grow and will contribute greatly to the economy of the country. The Japanese people like the concept of crypto casinos for two main reasons.

  1. That they don’t have to pay heavily for the transaction cost
  2. That it has better privacy and anonymity

The United Kingdom

Similar to the Japanese, the people of the United Kingdom have a great affinity for crypto casinos. It has been found that approximately 4% of the UK’s population has an investment in crypto. The country has numerous online gambling websites and almost all of them accept payment in crypto. As a matter of fact, because of the better privacy and guaranteed odds the online casinos in the UK differ to their customers, these casinos are considered among the world’s best casinos for international punters.


The next country in our list of countries that support crypto casinos in Australia. It is worth noting that more than 80% of the Australian population is engaged in various forms of gambling. The reason behind this huge percentage of people involved in gambling is because the country’s casinos are either poorly regulated or not regulated at all. The country has laws but they are hardly implemented and are quite flexible compared to other countries. Therefore, people prefer to gamble online and reap as many benefits as possible. With the introduction of crypto casinos, punters showed great fondness towards it and this popularity is growing swiftly.


France is another country that supports crypto casinos. France is regarded as the country with the world’s first few casinos ever built. Some of the very popular gambling games originated in France back in the 18th century. The country has a friendly environment for crypto and crypto casinos are very well-known throughout the country.


In a nutshell, it has been found that depending on a country’s environment for crypto, different countries have different perceptions regarding crypto casinos. Some countries are more welcoming than others and it all depends on the rules and regulations of each country. The laws of some countries are more rigid than others and they do not allow online casinos to operate and deal in crypto. Whereas on the other hand, some countries see it as an opportunity for growth and development and are aiming to get benefits out of it in the long run.



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Karnataka is set to ban gambling of all types



Karnataka is set to ban gambling of all types

The state of Karnataka is all set to ban gambling of all types including online gambling, wagering, or any game that involves betting.

Gambling is a fun and entertaining activity. People place bets, devise strategies, and try their best to hit the jackpot. At times when they are fortunate enough, they manage to take home a huge sum of money. However, at times they lose everything they have ever got. But that is what gambling is all about. Taking risks is what makes gambling so interesting. Unfortunately, there is a piece of sad news for betters from Karnataka. Home to the Silicon Valley of India, the state of Karnataka has made amendments to the Police Act of 1963 and has now imposed a strict ban on gambling of every type including online gambling. Karnataka is now all set to impose a strict ban on every gambling activity. According to a press release, every activity that involves risking money has been banned and violators will be fined and locked up in jails.

Karnataka is set to ban gambling of all types

The state of Karnataka has imposed a ban on all sorts of gambling activities

With the passing of this bill, Karnataka is set to become the fourth Indian state to completely ban gambling activities after Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. Lawmakers have passed the bill in light of the developing situation in rural areas. This new law has been passed to strengthen the Karnataka Police Act and aims to make gambling an offense that is non-bailable by law. A huge number of young adults who lost their jobs because of the ongoing Covid pandemic have become addicted to gambling apps and started risking their savings. It was because of this issue the state finally decided to handle the problem with an iron fist.

The state officials say that the idle teenagers especially those living in rural areas of the state “have shown a tendency of becoming habitual gamblers.” Karnataka is one of India’s biggest tech states and the state is now set to strictly ban gambling activities of all kinds and gambling centers including online crypto casinos. throughout the state.  The state of Karnataka has clearly stated the punishment for violators of this law. The Indian state of Karnataka is fully set to place a ban on every gambling activity.  Violators may get imprisonment for up to 3 years of jail or a fine ranging from Rs1000 to Rs100,000 or both. The minimum jail sentence is set to be 6 months while currently, it is one month. On the other hand, the fine that has been decided to impose on the violators is set to be Rs10,000 instead of the current Rs500.

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Man charged with murder after shooting at Mississippi Casino



shooting at Mississippi Casino

According to Biloxi police, a 30-year-old Alabama man has been arrested with charges of murder after a deadly shooting in a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi leaving one dead.

The Biloxi police have identified the suspect as Jereme Lamond Jones who is from Mobile, Mississippi. The suspect has been moved to a detention center located in Harrison County on a bond of $1 million and is being charged with first-degree murder.

As per the release, the suspect engaged with a middle-aged man of 41 years who rushed to the casino after the murderer followed him and later on killing the man on the game floor. The tragic shooting incident happened in Golden Nugget casino situated in Biloxi, Mississippi on early Saturday morning.

As per the initial investigation, the 40-year-old victim engaged in a physical argument just outside the casino with the suspect and afterward got killed in the deadly shooting. According to the news release, the victim belonged to Gulfport, Mississippi who was being chased by the suspect before shooting him several times inside the casino.

shooting at Mississippi casino

Jereme Lamond Jones, the suspect who has been arrested and charged with murder by the Biloxi police.

“I still hear the gunshots in my head”, statement of one of the eyewitnesses present inside the casino when the shooting incident took place. The casino was operating as usual and people were playing games like poker and craps before the unfortunate occurrence. According to the police, no other individual was found wounded or injured as a result of the deadly shooting in the casino except from the 40-year-old man from Gulfport, Mississippi. The victim was announced dead around 1 a.m local time. Even though, the man was given First Aid. However, the man succumbed to injuries after suffering from a number of injuries from gunshots and excessive bleeding.

Jereme Lamond Jones fled the crime scene after shooting inside the Mississippi casino. However, he was soon arrested by the police near Biloxi Bay Bridge, as per the news release. According to the police, the suspect was carrying a pistol gun and even tried to escape after being arrested, but in vain. The police have said that they are still investigating to find out a possible relationship between the victim and the suspect. However, as for now, this is still unclear.

Besides, it is also not confirmed if the suspect has an attorney that could speak on his behalf.

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Read Casino News To Earn Money (2021)



Read Casino News To Earn

Online casino games are not only entertaining but they provide punters a platform to earn too. In these modern times, players should be well aware of the latest developments of the gambling world to be more successful and to earn a lot of money. Keeping yourself up-to-date is crucial for winning. By catching up with the latest news, punters get to know about the various opportunities in their surroundings through which they can earn and make themselves popular among other punters. People who read casino news, earn more than people who don’t. It is high time that punters around the world realize the importance of reading news on a daily basis to maximize their profits by gaining more and more knowledge regarding casino games. Moreover, it has been found that players who read casino news regularly are wiser and earn way more than players who don’t.

Reading casino news is fun. You get to know about what’s going on around the world. How people are winning, what strategies are they using, what are the latest techniques that are trending, what are crypto casinos, how can beginners become professional players in a short span of time, and much more. Oftentimes, players who read casino news get to know about grand gambling tournaments taking place in their vicinity and they earn big by participating in it.

If you are fond of casino games and wish to make a lot of money from these games, then you should start reading casino news regularly and look out for the following few things that you are about to find out. By reading casino news, you will not only maximize your chances of winning more often (by knowing about effective game plans and other tips and tricks), but you will also become a successful and popular player in the long run.

Read casino news to earn

Punters should read casino news regularly to increase their chances of winning

Welcome Bonuses

One of the major advantages of reading casino news online is that you get to know about new casinos that are about to start operating. Generally, when new casinos start operating, they offer welcome bonuses to the people. This strategy helps to attract people and by providing them quality services, makes them loyal and this is how casino owners make money. By first attracting people by giving them welcome bonuses and other discounts and then keeping them happy to retain them, casinos around the world generate huge sums of money. Moreover, established casinos also offer welcome bonuses to new players to grow their businesses and add to their profits.

Find out exciting offers

Along with finding out about welcome bonuses, by reading casino news, players can also explore exciting offers that they can avail. There can be a lot of promotional offers that casinos offer and people who keep themselves updated, avail these offers more frequently than people who don’t. Social media can do wonders and it has made people come together. With each passing day, the world is becoming more and more digitalized. Businesses these days are now using social media to reach their target audience. They offer exciting deals and discounts to people to help their businesses grow. A number of casinos now advertise digitally and many have achieved their desired outcomes as well.


It is worth noting that by reading casino news, you will find about big gambling tournaments happening in your region. A lot of players fail to achieve such opportunities because they do not keep themselves updated and thus, miss out on important developments. Nowadays, players come to know about poker tournaments that casinos announce online. Many punters take part in it and they take home loads of money. People can find a number of different gambling opportunities by catching up with the latest updates on a regular basis. In addition, online casinos also announce different sorts of online competitions with huge prize money, and keeping up with the news will make you avail all these opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Reading news is crucial for everyone. People who like casino games should read casino news every day. Reading news help players learn more about casino games, strategies, discounts, offers, tips and tricks, and much more. Always bear in mind, taking just a few hours out of your everyday schedule and reading casino news will prove extremely beneficial for you in both the short and long term and can result in unexpected benefits.

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