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Casino Winner Shot Dead in New Jersey




Casino Winner

Someone allegedly followed, Sree Aravapalli the casino winner, to his home after he won a large prize at the Parx Casino and shot him. The victim died at the scene. The murderer followed late Sree Aravapalli to his home and attempted to rob him, according to New Jersey authorities. And, while attempting to rob the reward Mr Sree won, the culprit started firing.

The event took place on Monday, October 26, in New Jersey. As per the authorities, the robber followed the victim from the Parx Casino. Just before the incident, Mr Sree, aged 35, won a big reward in the casino. The culprit had an eye on Mr Sree’s reward and decided to rob him upon getting a chance. The poor casino winner was returning home with a big smile, waiting to share the big news with his family. Unfortunately, what Sree did not know was that someone was following him to take his life and his reward. According to the investigation, the reward Mr Sree Aravapalli won was $10,000.

Police arrived at the scene after some neighbours heard the gunshots inside the victim’s house in Briardale Court in Plainsboro Township. This was around 3:30 in the morning (a.m.). People reached out to the police as soon as they heard the shooting. However, Mr Sree Aravapalli was long gone by the time cops arrived. He became a casino winner moments before his death.

Sree Aravapalli was a 54-year-old married man with two children. Moreover, the man was the CEO of Aurex Laboratories, based in East Windsor, New Jersey. T

Strangely, there is some confusion about Aravapalli’s real age. As per the prosecutors, Sree Aravapalli was a 54-year-old man. However, according to the funeral parlour where they prepared Aravapalli’s body for burial, he was 53 years old.

Two Suspects Caught


Picture of Aravapalli

After a thorough investigation, the prosecutors managed to arrest two suspects who were near Aravapalli throughout the night. It was the night Aravapalli became a casino winner. Luckily, the surveillance camera was able to catch two people who were near the victim the whole time. This evidence was submitted by The Bucks County Courier Times, citing court documents. As shown in the camera, one of those two men used his debit card at the Parx Casino on the same night. Through checking his bank account, the authorities were able to identify the man.

The man who used his debit card is Reid John. Reid John is a major suspect in the case and many pieces of evidence lead to him. The car that followed Sree was a white-coloured BMW and the same type of car was found near Reid John’s house. Furthermore, the house suspect Reid lives in is in Norristown. What is even more shocking is that the car that was found near Reid’s residence had the same set of clothes that the man in the casino was wearing that night.

The other suspect in the casino winner murder case is Devon Melchor. Devon is a 26 years old man of the Upper Darby. According to the prosecutor, the suspect tried to escape the country by booking a flight out of the states. However, the police were able to arrest him in Florida.

Unfortunately, casinos are becoming more and more dangerous every day. Just a month ago, a man was charged with first-degree murder after shooting in a Mississippi casino.

Till now, two suspects have been arrested and the investigation is still going on. “More charges against the two suspects are expected,” said the prosecutor.

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