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Deck Of Cards: Dimensions, Weight, And Types




Deck of Cards

Deck of cards is an important topic for all lovers of card games. If you want to make your deck of cards or choose the right deck for the right game, this article is for you. We explain how much does a deck of cards weigh along with its dimensions and types through our professional experience. Furthermore, there are various games that people play in casinos. Playing cards is a popular casino game along with slot machine games.

The Dimensions of The Playing Cards

The standard playing card decks are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. They are 0.17 mm and 0.24 mm thick. The bridge size playing cards are 2.25 inches by 3 inches. The majority of the cards weigh 280 grams. But the better quality playing cards can weigh 310 to 330 grams (grams per square meter).

The playing cards come in multiple sizes. The reason is that there are different styles to play the game. Some players want to hold different cards in their hands at once. Therefore, a narrow playing card would be suitable for them. They would easily play the game with the narrow cards. Moreover, some players want to use cards in a novel style. So large playing cards would be suitable for them.

Size of a Deck of Cards

When you purchase the playing cards, you will notice that there are multiple sizes available in the shops. Most people buy the standard size. But there are some additional choices as well. Based on the style of your game, you can choose the size of playing cards. The standard pack of playing cards comes with 52 red and black cards and two joker cards. There are diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs.

Types of a Deck of Cards

Now, we discuss the various types and sizes of the playing cards:

A Deck of Standard Playing Cards

The standard playing card deck comes in 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The majority of the decks you see in the stores in the market will be the standard size. When people go to their destinations, they carry the standard size of playing cards. The other name for the standard playing cards is poker playing cards. So if you play poker, you will use these poker playing cards. Moreover, expert poker players would like to use the best quality cards available in the market.

Deck of Cards

A Deck of Standard Playing Cards

The Best Quality Playing Cards

Following are the best quality playing cards:

  • Copag playing cards
  • Modiano playing cards
  • KEM playing cards

Further, you can use the standard playing cards for the other games also. They are suitable for games other than poker too.

Famous Card Games Using The Standard Playing Cards

Following are the famous card games that you can play using the standard cards:

A Deck of Bridge Size Playing Cards

Deck of cards designed for bridge comes in at 2.25 inches by 3.5 inches. If you want to play bridge, you need to purchase a deck that meets the requirements of this card game. Usually, these cards are narrower than the standard playing cards. The reason to make them like this is specific. That is, the players can easily hold many cards in their hands at once. Because when you play bridge, you hold multiple cards in your hands. Therefore, you can easily hold multiple narrow cards and a bridge in your hands.

Furthermore, bridge cards are used in poker also. The reason is that it is cheap to make those bridge cards. Casinos use many cards in their daily routine. So making the narrow cards would reduce their costs.

Deck of Cards

Bridge Size Playing Cards

The Best Playing Cards for Playing Bridge

Following are the best playing cards for bridge:

  • Cartmundi playing cards
  • Gemaco playing cards
  • KEM playing cards

A Deck of Large Index Playing Cards

Large index playing cards are important for those who want to enjoy playing card games but require a larger index. This larger index would help them to see the playing cards better. Specifically, the people who are visually impaired use large index playing cards. Therefore, one of the important reasons to use these cards is to help visually impaired people because they cannot easily read out the numbers or letters on the standard playing cards. Henceforth, they can easily play the game without having the tension of playing the wrong cards.

Large index playing cards come in various sizes. But mostly, the deck of large index playing cards comes in 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Further, they can be 5 to 7 inches larger. It depends on the person’s needs that which size of cards he wants to use in the game.

Deck of Cards

Large Index Playing Cards

A Deck of Jumbo Playing Cards

A deck of jumbo playing cards is a huge over-the-top deck of playing cards. They are suitable for outdoor games. Since the players like to use larger cards in outdoor games. Moreover, they are the best for those people who want to collect excessively larger playing cards.

Jumbo playing cards came in 10.5 inches by 14.5 inches. They can be larger than this size too. In addition, you can gift a deck of jumbo playing cards to a person who likes to have a collection of all types of cards. In short, it is fun to play jumbo playing cards with young children and kids.

Deck of Cards

Jumbo Playing Cards


There is a variety of playing cards in terms of their sizes and weights. The major reason behind using various playing cards is the different styles of playing the card game. For instance, bridge cards are narrower than standard playing cards.  Large index playing cards are the best for visually impaired people. Moreover, it is fun to decide the right deck of cards for the right card game. So if you ask how much a deck of cards weighs, the answer is it depends on the type which the players choose to play. It depends upon the style of the game. In short, playing cards is fun. So enjoy playing cards with your friends and create some beautiful memories.

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