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The Best Craps Strategy for Different Players




craps strategy

Looking for a good Craps Strategy that actually gets a win? Search no more as you have found the right place for the best strategy. It is common and expected for a beginner to think that craps are a really hard gambling game when looked at from afar. This often pushes people more towards easy-looking games such as slots machines. However, once you understand the background of the game, and how it works, things will become much easier. When it comes to gambling, no matter what game it is, you will have to be very patient.

Craps is one of the most popular and highly-rated casino games. You will watch cool rich people playing this in many movies. To be good in craps one needs to have a certain amount of knowledge about the game that we will provide you with here. Moreover, we will tell you all the ways to hone your skill and ace the craps.

What is the Craps game?

Craps is considered one of the most thrilling and fast casino games. It’s simply a dice game in which players put bets based on the outcome of the next dice roll. Craps is played on a specially crafted and designed table which looks confusing at first. The structure depicts every one of the various betting options to players. The wagers on the outer edges of the table have higher odds than those in the middle, as a rule of thumb. The game is played between two dice players and the one whose turn is to roll the dice is called the shooter. The shooter changes on every turn. There is an additional one person known as the stick person who uses a stick to collect and pass the dice to the shooter. The only stick person is allowed to touch the bets.


The Best Craps Strategy

Mastering a Craps strategy is not everyone’s cup of tea. One has to look at what strategy suits his playstyle and is his comfort zone. Gambling is all about taking risks, however, it is important to reduce the risks and get the odds in your favor as much as you can. If you are wondering how to win at craps, it would be best to make a strategy. You would not want to play blindly with no knowledge of what you are doing. Mentioned below are some of the best Craps strategies for different types of players. If you are a newbie, you might want to play a strategy that does not involve many risks but if you like some action, you might want to try the more complex ones. The Dice Odds Craps Strategy

craps strategy

Dice Odds

It is important to understand and know the odds of rolling a number on a dice. The dice come in 36 different combinations and 7 have the highest chances to come up. 6 and 8 follow right behind 7 with five different combinations. The odds vs 7 to 6 and 8 are 6:5. The numbers 5 to 9 have four different combinations to roll so when compared with 7, the odds are 6:4. Similarly, other odds are compared and a ratio is calculated to know your chances of winning.

Don’t pass Strategy

craps strategy

Don’t Pass

This crap strategy is the best for players on a low budget. They don’t pass bet is used in conjunction with place bets on the numbers, 6 and 8 in this strategy. Firstly, wager $10 on don’t pass. You’ll win on a 2 or 3, lose on a 7 or 11. Once a point is established, place $6 on both of the numbers. If you want to safeguard your money when playing Craps, this is definitely the greatest method. Once you have rolled the come-out, don’t come will make 7 ineffective.

if you have a lot of 6 and 8 rolls, you can win a lot of money. On the other hand, if you get a 7, you will lose the 6 and 8 bets getting you a loss of $12 which they don’t pass will cover by getting you $1o. Hence, even if you lose, your total loss will only be $2. One drawback of this strategy is that if you have a point on 6 and 8, only one of these will get you a win. In short, in this case, your total loss would be $3.

Pass line and Come Craps Strategy

craps strategy

Pass Line and Come

When playing a strategy with a pass line, you already have the odds in your favor. This is a beginner’s chance to get a little action as this craps strategy does not include too much risk.

When the pucker is OFF you can place a pass line bet to establish a point. For example, if we roll a 9 and we are in the middle of the game, we can make a come bet. The come bet works the same as the pass line. This means that the 7 or 11 will get you a win and a 2 3 or 12 will make you lose. Any other number except the ones mentioned before are going to establish a point.

It works independently of the pass line bet. Next, if you, for example, roll a 5, you are going to establish a point. So now we have a bet on the 5 and a bet on the 9. Before we get a 7 to win, we must roll those bets. If we go to come and we roll a 7, the come bet is going to win. However, if we get a 2, 3, 12, we will lose the bet.

You may wonder why we let points affect whether or not you play the COME bet. The reason is more about risk management or how much willing to bet per shooter. With outside points, you are more likely to lose, and just choosing not to risk additional monies on that shooter. Statistically, it doesn’t matter but this is just a way to slow down betting. I would like to say to a beginner, “ bet one bet at a time and wait for the result” but most people just aren’t patient enough and like to get more active. This is just a way to accomplish some additional action but in a conservative way.

Place Bets Strategy

craps strategy

Place Bets

The Place bets are an effective casino Craps strategy. Once you get the come-out roll, place your bet on any of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If it comes up before a 7, you win; if the 7 comes up first, you lose. For place bets, no additional numbers matter. Keep in mind that, while place bets are similar to odds bets, they do not payout in the same way. Since 4 and 10 pay in the ratio of 9:5, mathematically, the best thing to do is bet on multiples of $5. On the other hand, we get a ratio of 7:5 with 5 and 9, hence, we bet in increments of $5. Lastly, 6 and 8 pay 7:6, so make sure to bet in multiples of $6.

Don’t Pass and Pass Line Strategy

craps strategy

Don’t Pass and Pass line

In a live casino table, you might find a lot of people wager completely on the pass line or have a craps strategy including pass line. They do this so that everyone on the table can face a loss together or win together. This has many pros and cons. If one wins then it means everyone will win however, if one loses then everyone on the table faces a loss.

This can create a bad atmosphere and you may actually make some people against you. You may also get a bad reputation if you choose the “don’t pass” is practically the opposite bet. It is better to study the attitude of the players and play along with it since a bad atmosphere can disturb your concentration. However, if what people think of you does not matter to you, then this is a solid bet. You can also play online to avoid any awkward confrontation. If you roll a 2 or 3, don’t pass wins even money. The 12 is a “tie,” meaning the casino maintains its advantage. However, some establishments use the 2 rather than the 12. To confirm the scenario, make sure to glance at the dice combination on the “Don’t pass” betting box.

If you roll a dice and a 7 or 11 comes up, you will lose. On the other hand, you’ll win on a 7, and lose if the point number appears before it and you have established a point. You have the edge at this point because there are a lot of chances to get a 7 as the number 7 has more dice combinations than any other number. Moreover, “don’t pass” has a 1.37 percent house edge, which is even smaller than the “pass line.” If all goes smoothly with the odds in your favor, you will win big!

Field Bets Strategy

craps strategy

Field Bets

A lot of people may find this craps strategy to be confusing and “bad”, however, many experts have praised it.

The region in which these bets should be placed is named “Field,” and it contains the numbers 2, 3. 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. It is a one-roll bet, which means that if the aforementioned numbers do not occur on the following roll, you will lose your wager. Most of the time the numbers, 2 and 12 are surrounded and are under a “pays double” symbol. When that’s the case, the house advantage upon that bet will be 5.56 percent, which is not really bad. If the 2 or 12 are below the “pays triple” symbol, the house edge drops to 2.78 percent, which is far more appealing.


Come and Don’t Pass Strategy

craps strategy

Come and Don’t Pass

Start with placing a 5$ bet on the pass line. Now roll the dice and make a point by getting a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Put a new pass line bet if you got a roll of 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. Next, this Craps betting technique requires you to pay $5 on “Come” when the puck is turned “ON.”. Finally, if you manage to get a 7 at this point, you will win the come bet and then you can try to get a point with the come bet. However, this will cause you to lose the pass line bets.

If the numbers 2, 3, or 12 show, you will lose your come bet, but your initial pass line wager will not be affected. In short, you can exploit come to build up a large number of points at the top of the board. This will help you cover a part of your losses.  If you have set 6, 8, and 10 as points, you will win if the dice roll one of these numbers. The flaw in this casino Craps technique is that if the terrible 7 appears, you’ll lose everything.

If you are looking for a more complex Craps strategy, use the come and don’t come stakes to liven things up. Come is the same as the pass line, whereas don’t come is the same as don’t pass.


2# Don’t Craps Strategy by John Patrick

Bet five dollars on the don’t pass. Once, the number is up, you are going to lay odds again

craps strategy

2# don’t Strategy

st that number and put it on the don’t come bar. once the second number comes up, you will remove your odds and they will just ride out the two don’t number and look for the seven. So, when the seven comes up, you will be the winner.

If you want to use this strategy, it is wiser the be on the side of the table which is nearer to the don’t come bar. This will help you access that part of the table easily. The dealer is going to pay off the don’t come bets. If they are nice, they may pay it off to you.

When the table is hot, place an equivalent stake on any established don’t come bet. As a result, you CANNOT lose that wager. You either break even on a 7 or win the place bet for a net profit of odds minus the unit. You can return to this technique at any moment by removing the place bet.


These are all the crap strategies that a craps lover should know. Choose the one that fits your style the most. If you are a beginner, the experts in our team recommend you to learn the Pass line and Come Strategy. This one has the least risk and is easy to execute and master. Likewise, if you are looking for something complex and big try the 2# don’t strategy by John Patrick. See what suits you best, play offline crap games, and master your strategy. May the odds be in your favor. Good luck!

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