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Best Penny Slots Machines To Play At The Casino




Penny Slots Machine

It’s not easy to point out the best penny slots machine to play at the casino. The reason is that each game has unique features and rules to enable a player to win. However, some penny slots have higher payouts than others. Here, we’ve listed some of the best penny slot machines to play.

How Do Penny Slots Work?

When you bet on a penny slot, the reels will spin. If the reels spin and you’re able to land on the right combination of symbols after three attempts, you will get a payout. 

How To Win On Penny Slots Machines?

We may think there’s a hack on how to win on penny slots, but there’s no specific way to win the game because the Random Number Generator determines the winning power. However, it’s easy to win on penny slots. 

Although most players adjust their wagered amount to quickly scale up to the target spin to enable them to win, that’s not the right way to win. When you think of how to win on penny slots, you need to land the right combination of a minimum of 3 pay lines. 

Wondering how to win on penny slot machines? It’s simple – stay focused on using one coin per spin and avoid double gaming. Stay safe on penny slots by not adjusting your wagered amount. Also, always play with one penny per spin. Following these steps will increase your winning chances.

Famous Quote – Author Scott Adams

If you’re going to create, create a lot. Creativity is not like playing the Slot Machines when failure to win means you go home broke.With creativity, if you don’t win, you’re usually mo worse off than if you hadn’t played.”

Best Penny Slots Machines To Play At The Casino

Interestingly, these best penny slots machines to play at the casino are optimized. This optimization makes it easy for you to navigate with any device of your choice.

  • Book Of The Dead

As one of the best penny slots to play, Book of the dead is a game discovered in January 2016. This game tells the tale of the hidden treasures lost in the Ancient Pyramids. It functions with 10 pay lines and 5 reels. Also, it is a game you can play on a 5×3 grid. 

Book Of Dead

The Book Of The Dead rules demands that you use a minimum of 0.01 coin per spin and a maximum of 1.00. You can play with more coins per spin, but would only reduce your chance of winning a payout. 

  • Blaze Of Ra

This game will show you beautiful photos of the ancient Egyptian gods and symbols. The Blaze of Ra is one of the best penny slot machines to play at Casino, but it’s not a free game.

Unlike other games you can use credits to play, the Blaze of Ra requires you to have real money in your wager account. It has 5 reels and offers a minimum of 0.20 per spin.

One of the features of Blaze Of Ra you can explore to help you win the game quickly is the Scarab Scatter. This feature activates and helps you to win the free spin bonus once you start spinning.

  • Vikings Go To Hell

Vikings Go To Hell was discovered on May 24, 2018. This game is about the fearless Vikings who are back to launch the biggest attack on the flaming demon hordes of the underworld. In this game, meeting two targets gets you to the top.

vikings to hell

First, when you defeat the Lord of Chains in the first spin, you’ll receive a reward that will scale you to the second level. Secondly, when you defeat Lucifer, the commander of the forces of darkness in level two, your payout will be tripled.

  • Golden Colts

As one of the best penny slots machines to play, the Golden colts is a game that will take you to the Wild West American Frontier, where a gun-slinging adventure will begin. The game has 5 reels and 40 pay lines. The symbols are divided into four characters that pay high and 6 that pay low.

Golden Colts has seven different bonus features that make winning easy. These features include

  • Ace-high Gang
  • Wild Bull
  • Furies 
  • Law of the Wild
  • Gunslingers 
  • Poker Play
  • Pirates Charm

The pirates’ charm is a game of mysteries. It has 5 reels and a whopping 243 pay lines that speed up the winning process of the players. With its re-spin feature, you can trigger up to 20 free spins and get a rewarding payout.

Pirates of Charm

The Mystery Charm Symbol is another key feature that enables players to win the game. When the symbol appears three times on the reels, they’ll lock. Once they lock, you’ll receive a re-spin. The more mystery charms you land, the more bonus you’ll receive that will increase your payout.

Penny Slots Machines RTP Payouts
Book Of The Dead 96.21%
Blaze Of Ra 96.40%
Vikings Go To Hell 96.10%
Golden Colts 96.55%
Pirates Charm 96.25%

Wrap Up

The Casino has the best penny slots machines to play. It offers a decent betting platform with a wonderful winning payout. The games are filled with suspense, action, and great features that entertain. If you like slot games, then you should definitely try these games. 

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