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How To Cheat The Life Of A Luxury Machine?




Cheating the life of a luxury machine

If you are a slot player, you might have thought about ‘cheat the life of a luxury machine’. There are some techniques through which you can cheat easily. Moreover, some techniques do not work at all. Hence it is useless to use those techniques. But you should consider this point that cheating slots and luxury machines are not allowed in some countries. Therefore, we do not endorse those techniques.

Some cheatings work on the old luxury machines and slot machines. But they do not work on modern luxury machines. Therefore, you should not use old cheating techniques in the casinos where new and modern luxury machines are used. Further, if the administration staff catches you while doing this, they will ban you from that particular casino. So you should always make sure that what kind of luxury machines you are using in the casino. If you find that the luxury machines are classic, then you can apply those cheating techniques.

Cheat the life of a luxury machine

A Luxury Machine

How to Cheat The Life of a Luxury Machine?

Following are some techniques that you can apply for cheating and hacking the life of luxury machines in the casino:

Using Fake Coins Trick

When slot machines were not that popular in the past, they used to accept all the coins based on the coins’ weight. So if you find a classic luxury machine, you can put some fake coins with the same weight as real coins. It is the method to cheat the life of a luxury machine. The old luxury machine will not identify the originality of the coins. Hence, you will be able to cheat the life of a luxury machine.

But nowadays, technology has improved a lot. Now the casinos are using modern technology. So it has become difficult to use this technique in the presence of new and modern technology. Therefore, the modern luxury machine will not accept fake coins having the same weight as real coins.

Cheat The Life of a Luxury Machine

Luxury Machine

Yo-Yo Slot Trick

Some players have reported that they have used this cheating technique. But this technique works on the old vending machines. So if you find a classic luxury machine at some casino, cover the coin with a string. After doing so, deposit the coin along with a thin string. When the luxury machine accepts and registers this coin, yank the string. You need to pull the string out of the luxury machine.

But this is not the case with modern luxury machines. So if you go to any casino that has only new luxury machines, this trick will not work at all.

Cheating Luxury Machines With Codes

In the past, there were some codes associated with luxury machines. The computer programmers knew the codes of luxury machines. Since they know the flaws of software, they can cheat the life of a luxury machine. They can cheat by modifying some luxury machines. So the software programmers can use this trick.

But there are some examples when some computer programmers tried to cheat the life of a luxury machine. They tried to hack the luxury machines, but the casino administration caught them. They faced serious consequences for their cheating. Hence, the casinos banned those programmers from entering and using the luxury machines.

Activating Payouts to Cheat The Life of a Luxury Machine

Some old luxury machines consist of metal wires and guitar strings. The players attach hooks with the metal wires or guitar strings. They feed them with the help of a cooling system of the luxury machines. After some time, they will hit the payout switch. Hence, they have succeeded to cheat the life of a luxury machine by activating payouts.

But this trick does not work with electronic luxury machines. Since there is no physical switch in the modern electronic luxury machines to activate payouts. Therefore, if you try to use this trick in a casino with modern luxury machines, the casino security will catch you immediately.

Cheat the life of a Luxury Machine

Cheating the life of a Luxury Machine

An Amazing Trick to Cheat The Life of a Luxury Machine

There is an amazing trick to cheat the life of a luxury machine. For this trick, you will have to collect high-tech equipment, Russian mobsters, rich American casinos, and a team consisting of the members of slot players. The combination of all these things will enable you to cheat the luxury machines. This trick worked in the past. Nowadays, some experts also use this trick. So you can try this trick to cheat.

There are several instances when the hackers have won a huge amount than the average amount by using this trick. According to the experts and hackers, you can try this trick by following these points:

  • Hold your smartphone closer to the screen when you play.
  • Try jabbing the spin button abruptly after some long pauses.
  • Probably, you will win the Aristocrat slots.

Casinos Have Faced The Cheating Trick

Many casinos have faced this cheating trick. For instance, a casino in St. Louis faced the same issue. They noticed that their slot machines had paid more amount to the players than the average amount. Hence, they investigated the cheating trick after watching the security footage.

When a person becomes an expert in this hack, he can apply the same trick in many casinos and win a huge amount. Therefore, some teams are still there that know this trick. If the casino security catches you doing this trick, they will punish you. You might be sentenced to some years. Further, you might be deported from the country. So there are some serious consequences if the security catches you.

Cheat The Life of a Luxury Machine

Real Money in Luxury Machines

How to Report a Cheating Trick?

If you identify any cheating trick, you have two options. Either you perform your moral and legal responsibility or cheat the life of a luxury machine. But we strongly suggest you not cheat the luxury machines. So when you find any cheating trick, you should contact the casino luxury machine company. They will award you if you prove the bug. Some luxury machine companies will not accept your bug identification. But you will still get the attention of many audiences. Moreover, if you help any luxury machine company identify the bugs in their machines, you will be awarded by the company.

Furthermore, there is another opportunity. If you have become an expert in identifying the bugs in luxury machines, you can work as a consultant for luxury machine companies. This is a great job for you. So it depends on you either you want to go to jail for cheating or want to do the job of consultant.

Can Luxury Machines Be Hacked And Cheated?

If you ask a question that ‘Can luxury machines be hacked and cheated?’, the answer is yes. But not everyone can cheat the life of a luxury machine. It requires some specific skills and expertise. In addition, you should have some strong connections for applying such cheating tricks. But there is a list of those hackers who were expert and skilled, but they had to face jail for their cheating. Hence, it depends on you and your satisfaction. If you want to win the casino game through cheating, you can use any cheating trick. But if you want to win the game through your skills, you may end up winning a life-changing jackpot.


If you want to cheat the life of a luxury machine, we have suggested some tricks to you. But we advise you not to win casino games through hacking and cheating. Despite you should try to win the casino games with your effort and hard work. You need to trust in your skills and should relax. Additionally, you should try to learn the maximum things about luxury machines. Because if you have known all the tricks, you can work as a consultant for luxury machine companies. They will pay you well for identifying huge bugs in their luxury machines. Finally, enjoy the casino games without any cheats and tricks and have fun.

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