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Best Slots at Desert Diamond Casino




Best Slots at Desert Diamond Casino

Desert Diamond Casino is known for progressive games and there are many slots that follow these principles. From an array of slots, which ones are the best slots at the desert diamond casino? Let’s find out.

What are Progressive Slot Games?

Progressive slots are based on jackpots and they increase every time someone in the house makes a bit and this increase only stops when there is a winner and then from that point, the progressive jackpot will restart from the value it was at the start of it all and again the cycle will continue.

The amount of this progression depends on the actions of the players, not significantly though. The progressive slot machines are mixed with other machines and they are interlinked this the jackpot accumulates and shoots up significantly, while some games are there that suffer because of this.

In a sense, progressive slots are like lottery games on slot machines. Prizes are big, but odds are long. From drawing to drawing, the prize size increases until someone wins the lottery.

Best Progressive Slots at Desert Diamond Casino

The desert diamond casino has many slots but which one is the best slots at the desert diamond casino?

Progressive Dollars

There is no better place to play progressive slot machines in southern Arizona than Desert Diamond Casinos. There is over $9 Million worth of progressive slots waiting for you to win. Take part in the fun by playing at our Tucson or Sahuarita locations for a chance to win big!

Desert Diamond Sahurita

Desert Diamond Sahuarita offers more than $2.2 million in jackpots monthly. Celebrate winning!

Desert Diamond Tucson

This summer Desert Diamond Tucson contributed over $5.6 million to the community. Additionally, new slots are added every month. Take advantage of this offer!

Other Games

The casino has 36 poker tables, 48 blackjack tables, 1,136 slot machines, and live bingo.

There are seven evening bingo sessions each week that begin at 3:30 p.m. At 6 pm, warm-ups begin. A paper bingo card costs $20, while an electronic bingo card costs $35. Typical payouts range between $250 and $1,000, and up to $10,000 for special games.

In its website, Desert Diamond describes its non-smoking poker room as “a spacious and luxurious poker room with 36 tables and 27 big-screen televisions.” Each table has a charging station and serves food and drinks to attendees. A soda fountain is also available for free.


Before going to any casino be sure the chips are real and that no counterfeits are sold to you. For better guidance, follow our guide here.






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