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How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay




How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

The answer to the question is “how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay?” in easy words is that you can’t predict it and those who are claiming to do so, know nothing about the casino business.


How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Slot Machine!

The thing is that the casino business is very sophisticated and a lot of money is involved and it is the most important factor of why this is going on for ages and will continue to attract more and more people and if it was so easy to predict then the casino business wouldn’t exist?

The people who run these big casinos would go bankrupt if it was possible to predict this, no? You run a business to make money not to go into a loss. The owners of big casinos are not there for charity but to make sure that they get they give you entertainment, a chance to win but in the end, their aim is to make a profit out of you.

So this question of how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay? is one of the most inarticulate ways to express yourself in the world of gambling and don’t ask it if you want to save yourself from being a laughing stock!

Is it impossible?

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Beautiful illustrations

No! certainly not. You might be thinking that I called the question, how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay? a dumb way to express yourself but here now I am saying that it is possible to predict when the slot machine will payout, so please just stick with me.

Look! The fundamentals of everything lies in mathematics. This is a proven fact that many seem to forget. Mathematics and experience can help you make a strategy that will let you predict things! Probability is a very important factor in this.

Yes, probability! You heard me correctly, the boring chapter ins statistics or mathematics that you skipped! That comes into play here but you would be a fool to rely on theoretical knowledge only and not apply the experience you gain in front of the slot machines.

Here I will give you information about how I try to predict it but look always remember one thing, never tell someone you predict when the slot machines will hit! Never do that, do it quietly.

Bigger payouts bigger reward

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Win big?

House edge is a thing most casino enthusiastic are familiar with and it is the backbone of my strategy here. It is a very simple thing to grasp but if you aren’t aware of it let me elaborate it for you.

House edge means the casinos having an edge over you. For example, when we were kids our parents always had an edge over us no matter what, because we lived at their place and had to abide by their rules despite having a great lifestyle but in the end, it was them whose rules we had to abide by despite having ”FrEeDoM.”

In the start, you will feel you are winning and most players feel this but as an accumulation of all the results of the day, the more you play the more the advantage goes to the casino, online or brick and mortar, doesn’t matter. This is called the house edge, the house in question here is the casino, the casino is the house and you are the kids who think they are having their “FrEedOm” but are controlled by the casino (parents.)

But there is a workaround to this and it is called the RTP (Return to player) and using statistics and experience you can win. The average RTP for most slot games is between 90% to 95% so go for slot games that have an RTP over 95% to increase your chances.

For example, there is a slot machine with a 95% RTP and another with an RTP of 93%, never ever think the 2% difference won’t play a role in what you get out of that game, even the percentage in decimals can play an important game.

In a nutshell, the higher the RTP the higher the reward!

How to find RTP

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Finding RTP?

You can easily find the RTP of a slot machine via a simple google search or by going to websites like these to get an idea of what is happening in the world of slot machines in regards to RTP, the higher the RTP the better.

Is it always about money?

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Money is the driving factor?

Money is secondary in many aspects of life, first of all, it is about the experience. But are slots machines one of those things! And does it refute the question of how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay? Let me show you.

The RTP is not always constant and it can be volatile and you can see a lot of variances. The higher the RTP the better isn’t from the bible and that doesn’t mean it will hold true in every situation!

A higher volatility means that you are able to have one chance out of many to hit big. You will see prolong dry spells but if luck is with you and destiny has written dollars for you, then you might be one click away from earning real big. That is the beauty and the entertainment factor involved with highly volatile slots. The dry spells are part of the game here and add to the adrenaline rush indirectly.

If I now talk about low volatility, it means vice versa. You don’t endure dry spells but you do suffer from having small wins and not something really big. That one-click that can make you a millionaire in one night is not just there, look I am not saying it is impossible! Nothing is impossible but the probability is low.

Volatility is something that you can predict with probability or mathematical tools in other words but you need to have the experience to be able to get the most out of the art of probability because the companies will never give you the information on how much a machine is volatile.

How to use the bonuses?

Bonuses are the way to attract you and many casinos offer them In fact it is one of the most powerful promotional tools in this industry. They can make or break your play and thus use them very carefully/

The bonuses are not everlasting but if you have the power of statistics and experience with you then they can make you serious cash. Thus know one thing, always look at the promotions in-depth and don’t take the bait because the intentions are not always to give you an advantage through these bonuses.

Past experience

Look the simple fact is that in this world of gambling there is no answer to this question of how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay but certainly you can make a prediction if you are smart.

One of the smartest ways is to choose a machine with whom you have a past experience. No casino will make a machine or game that is fundamentally different from competitors’ machines or games. You need to apply that experience, the power of probability using the RTP rate, and the volatility factor and familiarity aspect to make yourself win big on the night.

Be vigilant

You need to have your eyes and ears open. Observe what other players are doing and seek the announcements made;. For example, there is a machine and it has recently paid out big, you need to stay away from it but on the opposite hand, you see a machine constantly going towards a big payout, shrewdly observe what the other players are getting, and then go for it. The other thing you can do is observe the cycles, don’t be afraid if you are having a dry phase or the payout is not big, just stick to it because a pro gambler will always be able to predict if the payout is coming or not, it is just learned with experience’; stick if you have the gut feeling that the cycle will be completing and you are about to hit big.

This is a method that can make other players uneasy and you need to take care of the people there as uncomfortable moves are not in the ethics of gambling.

Every game out there doesn’t have a cycle and this should be sensed, so no way you should keep playing a game with no substantial reward coming your way! Stop it right away, there is not cycle, it is stuck at one point.

Stay away from machines that have less interest from the people at the casino. These are risky bets and betting your money here will only bring regrets and misery to you. Gamblers have become sharp and they have the power of the internet to help them which machines are doing well and which are not, the thing is yes maybe that machine with less attraction can give you a high return but the probability of it is low.

Important info about slot machines

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

The most important info

This is some of the most important information about slot machines which you should be aware of.


All slot machines are run through a computer software known as the RNG. It will randomly choose a set of numbers. The RNG is considered the brain of the slot machines and it makes many of the customers appreciate that a computer is responsible for all this and adds transparency but you need to know some important things about this.

RNG doesn’t have any emotions and it will not guarantee a payout to you. It is a complex mechanism and billions of combinations are involved and you just can’t predict very easily where it will go and what it will favor.

Random events

In probability, random events are something that is not and cannot be made exact and thus it means you can’t predict the outcome of it. A slot is a random event too and you can predict the total number of outcomes of it but never which outcome will come when.

That is the beauty of it, probability will let you know the total number of outcomes and help you have a general idea about when the machine is cold and when the machine is hot but never exactly when it will be hot or cold.

Which machine is good for me

This is subjective and only you can tell yourself which machine suits you. If you are one who craves cheap entertainment then find a machine with low max bets but if you are a risk-taker wanting a big jackpot then you should employ the probability, experience, and intuition techniques wh taught you and play high volatility games because the reward is humongous in comparison to slots for cheap entertainment.

Slot machine tournamnets

It is a tournament of the slot machine when a player joins together for a specific period of time to play it. The goal of each player to win big and accumulate it as much. The players come in such a way that the rules and odds are almost the same for everyone. At the end of this tournament, prizes are distributed amongst the players who did well.

In our opinion, the best way to play this is online as you don’t need to be in groups to play and can play individually without the wait and other hassles.

The software

The software of the slot machines is not used to the advantage of the casinos. The piece of code is heavily inspected by agents and regulatory authorities because trust is what lures people in the casinos and big brands are heavily checked from time to time, so they aren’t involved in any malpractice.

Evening out books

One of the myths is that there are regulations that make the casino liable to payout at the end of 6months or 1 year to a bunch of people to even out the books, which is a completely false myth. In Vegas or Atlantic City, no casino has a minimum or maximum payout and this is a completely made-up thing.

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