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How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay



How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

The answer to the question is “how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay?” in easy words is that you can’t predict it and those who are claiming to do so, know nothing about the casino business.


How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Slot Machine!

The thing is that the casino business is very sophisticated and a lot of money is involved and it is the most important factor of why this is going on for ages and will continue to attract more and more people and if it was so easy to predict then the casino business wouldn’t exist?

The people who run these big casinos would go bankrupt if it was possible to predict this, no? You run a business to make money not to go into a loss. The owners of big casinos are not there for charity but to make sure that they get they give you entertainment, a chance to win but in the end, their aim is to make a profit out of you.

So this question of how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay? is one of the most inarticulate ways to express yourself in the world of gambling and don’t ask it if you want to save yourself from being a laughing stock!

Is it impossible?

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Beautiful illustrations

No! certainly not. You might be thinking that I called the question, how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay? a dumb way to express yourself but here now I am saying that it is possible to predict when the slot machine will payout, so please just stick with me.

Look! The fundamentals of everything lies in mathematics. This is a proven fact that many seem to forget. Mathematics and experience can help you make a strategy that will let you predict things! Probability is a very important factor in this.

Yes, probability! You heard me correctly, the boring chapter ins statistics or mathematics that you skipped! That comes into play here but you would be a fool to rely on theoretical knowledge only and not apply the experience you gain in front of the slot machines.

Here I will give you information about how I try to predict it but look always remember one thing, never tell someone you predict when the slot machines will hit! Never do that, do it quietly.

Bigger payouts bigger reward

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Win big?

House edge is a thing most casino enthusiastic are familiar with and it is the backbone of my strategy here. It is a very simple thing to grasp but if you aren’t aware of it let me elaborate it for you.

House edge means the casinos having an edge over you. For example, when we were kids our parents always had an edge over us no matter what, because we lived at their place and had to abide by their rules despite having a great lifestyle but in the end, it was them whose rules we had to abide by despite having ”FrEeDoM.”

In the start, you will feel you are winning and most players feel this but as an accumulation of all the results of the day, the more you play the more the advantage goes to the casino, online or brick and mortar, doesn’t matter. This is called the house edge, the house in question here is the casino, the casino is the house and you are the kids who think they are having their “FrEedOm” but are controlled by the casino (parents.)

But there is a workaround to this and it is called the RTP (Return to player) and using statistics and experience you can win. The average RTP for most slot games is between 90% to 95% so go for slot games that have an RTP over 95% to increase your chances.

For example, there is a slot machine with a 95% RTP and another with an RTP of 93%, never ever think the 2% difference won’t play a role in what you get out of that game, even the percentage in decimals can play an important game.

In a nutshell, the higher the RTP the higher the reward!

How to find RTP

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Finding RTP?

You can easily find the RTP of a slot machine via a simple google search or by going to websites like these to get an idea of what is happening in the world of slot machines in regards to RTP, the higher the RTP the better.

Is it always about money?

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Money is the driving factor?

Money is secondary in many aspects of life, first of all, it is about the experience. But are slots machines one of those things! And does it refute the question of how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay? Let me show you.

The RTP is not always constant and it can be volatile and you can see a lot of variances. The higher the RTP the better isn’t from the bible and that doesn’t mean it will hold true in every situation!

A higher volatility means that you are able to have one chance out of many to hit big. You will see prolong dry spells but if luck is with you and destiny has written dollars for you, then you might be one click away from earning real big. That is the beauty and the entertainment factor involved with highly volatile slots. The dry spells are part of the game here and add to the adrenaline rush indirectly.

If I now talk about low volatility, it means vice versa. You don’t endure dry spells but you do suffer from having small wins and not something really big. That one-click that can make you a millionaire in one night is not just there, look I am not saying it is impossible! Nothing is impossible but the probability is low.

Volatility is something that you can predict with probability or mathematical tools in other words but you need to have the experience to be able to get the most out of the art of probability because the companies will never give you the information on how much a machine is volatile.

How to use the bonuses?

Bonuses are the way to attract you and many casinos offer them In fact it is one of the most powerful promotional tools in this industry. They can make or break your play and thus use them very carefully/

The bonuses are not everlasting but if you have the power of statistics and experience with you then they can make you serious cash. Thus know one thing, always look at the promotions in-depth and don’t take the bait because the intentions are not always to give you an advantage through these bonuses.

Past experience

Look the simple fact is that in this world of gambling there is no answer to this question of how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay but certainly you can make a prediction if you are smart.

One of the smartest ways is to choose a machine with whom you have a past experience. No casino will make a machine or game that is fundamentally different from competitors’ machines or games. You need to apply that experience, the power of probability using the RTP rate, and the volatility factor and familiarity aspect to make yourself win big on the night.

Be vigilant

You need to have your eyes and ears open. Observe what other players are doing and seek the announcements made;. For example, there is a machine and it has recently paid out big, you need to stay away from it but on the opposite hand, you see a machine constantly going towards a big payout, shrewdly observe what the other players are getting, and then go for it. The other thing you can do is observe the cycles, don’t be afraid if you are having a dry phase or the payout is not big, just stick to it because a pro gambler will always be able to predict if the payout is coming or not, it is just learned with experience’; stick if you have the gut feeling that the cycle will be completing and you are about to hit big.

This is a method that can make other players uneasy and you need to take care of the people there as uncomfortable moves are not in the ethics of gambling.

Every game out there doesn’t have a cycle and this should be sensed, so no way you should keep playing a game with no substantial reward coming your way! Stop it right away, there is not cycle, it is stuck at one point.

Stay away from machines that have less interest from the people at the casino. These are risky bets and betting your money here will only bring regrets and misery to you. Gamblers have become sharp and they have the power of the internet to help them which machines are doing well and which are not, the thing is yes maybe that machine with less attraction can give you a high return but the probability of it is low.

Important info about slot machines

How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

The most important info

This is some of the most important information about slot machines which you should be aware of.


All slot machines are run through a computer software known as the RNG. It will randomly choose a set of numbers. The RNG is considered the brain of the slot machines and it makes many of the customers appreciate that a computer is responsible for all this and adds transparency but you need to know some important things about this.

RNG doesn’t have any emotions and it will not guarantee a payout to you. It is a complex mechanism and billions of combinations are involved and you just can’t predict very easily where it will go and what it will favor.

Random events

In probability, random events are something that is not and cannot be made exact and thus it means you can’t predict the outcome of it. A slot is a random event too and you can predict the total number of outcomes of it but never which outcome will come when.

That is the beauty of it, probability will let you know the total number of outcomes and help you have a general idea about when the machine is cold and when the machine is hot but never exactly when it will be hot or cold.

Which machine is good for me

This is subjective and only you can tell yourself which machine suits you. If you are one who craves cheap entertainment then find a machine with low max bets but if you are a risk-taker wanting a big jackpot then you should employ the probability, experience, and intuition techniques wh taught you and play high volatility games because the reward is humongous in comparison to slots for cheap entertainment.

Slot machine tournamnets

It is a tournament of the slot machine when a player joins together for a specific period of time to play it. The goal of each player to win big and accumulate it as much. The players come in such a way that the rules and odds are almost the same for everyone. At the end of this tournament, prizes are distributed amongst the players who did well.

In our opinion, the best way to play this is online as you don’t need to be in groups to play and can play individually without the wait and other hassles.

The software

The software of the slot machines is not used to the advantage of the casinos. The piece of code is heavily inspected by agents and regulatory authorities because trust is what lures people in the casinos and big brands are heavily checked from time to time, so they aren’t involved in any malpractice.

Evening out books

One of the myths is that there are regulations that make the casino liable to payout at the end of 6months or 1 year to a bunch of people to even out the books, which is a completely false myth. In Vegas or Atlantic City, no casino has a minimum or maximum payout and this is a completely made-up thing.

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How Do Casinos Earn From Poker



Casino Earn From Poker

Players and casino owners have one thing in common: they want to make money. The casino owners use hacks to make money from all the games that are offered to the players. In gambling, poker is the most common game which is played. This means that casinos also make the most money with this game. Take a look at how casinos make money on poker.

How do online casinos get profit from poker?

In physical casinos, generating money is easy, with food, beverages, and extra services. At online casinos, everything revolves only around the game. Pot rakes are the main thing through which the casinos generate big profit margins for online poker rooms. First, take a look at what poker rake is and read this guide on how casinos generate profit from poker games.

What is a rake?

Rake is the fee that every casino charges as a commission to pay off their operating costs. This helps the casino to generate profit for their business.

What is poker rake?

Poker rake is the fee that the casino charges from the players who play poker. This results in developing a house edge that brings in big profit margins in online poker rooms.
Rake is different in different casinos. It depends on the stake amount, the number of players, and the type of rake that the casino selects. It acts as a fee that the player has to pay to take part in the game.

Here is a chart that shows the estimated rake amount per pot and the total number of players present on the table. 

Total number of players Blinds Rake per $1 pot Maximum
5-10 $10/$25 $0.05 $7.50
3-4 $0.05 $6
2 $0.05 $6
5-10 $25/$50 $0.05 $20
3-4 $0.05 $10
2 $0.05 $8
5-10 $0.05 $40
3-4 $0.05 $20
2 $50/$100 to $200/$400 $0.05 $10

Pot Rake

Understanding the basics of rake is very important for the casino to make money. It is the scaled commission fee that the online casino website takes. The fee ranges from 2.5% to 10% of the pot for each poker hand. Some casinos also have no rake policy for the hands that do not get to flop. In case the other players fold, then nothing is paid to the dealer.

No Rake

No rake is automatically generated when a hand ends before the flop is dealt. Regardless of how big the pre-flop pot is, no rake is taken if the flop is not reached. Pre-flop and post-flop have literal meanings, that is, before and after the flop. The first betting round is known as the pre-flop, and all the rounds that come after the flop are dealt, known as the post-flop.

Fixed fee structure

The fixed fee is the amount that is paid by every player who sits at the poker table. Some players prefer to pay the fixed fee instead of paying 5% to 10% poker rake. For example, if the prize pool is $1000, then 5% to 10% makes a high amount. Comparatively, the fixed fee is mostly 2.5% of the prize pool or far less than that.

Time Collection

The high-stake poker games usually opt for a pot rake in which a time-based collection is taken from all the players. The rake is collected after every half an hour. There is also an hourly rate option at the site that some casinos follow. Further, there are two methods of time collection, mentioned as follows:

  • Time pot method – The casino collects the specified amount from the first pot after a period of time.
  • Player time – A specific amount is collected from all the participants of the poker game.

Dead Drop

In dead drop, the button (dealer) is the one who has to pay the fixed rake amount before the hand begins. The dead drop rake remains equal for all the players because the button rotates after each hand. No matter what bet the individual player has made, in the end, everyone has to pay the same amount.

Rake in poker tournaments

In poker tournaments, the entire amount that you stake does not go into the award pool. A small percentage of that amount is separated. The casino operators keep this extra amount as the fees for managing the entire game.

Poker rack

At online casinos, the rake price is far less compared to physical casinos. Before you place a bet, take a look at how much extra you have to pay as a fee.

Cash games with fixed percentage rake

In all poker games, the rake is always removed from the large part of the pots before the amount is given to the winning player. Some casinos have a fixed and proper rate that ranges between 2% to 10%.

To get money from poker, players have to make wise decisions. For example, if the rake is set at 5%, having a cap of $10, then the highest the casino will ask as a fee would be $10 for each winning pot. In case there is no rake, and the pot is $600, then the player has to pay $30 minimum, which is three times more compared to the first situation.

Quick facts on how casinos make money from poker

Casinos have to find a way to generate profit with the games that they offer. As a player, you have to first understand how casinos make money on poker. Once you understand that, then choose the option where you do not have to pay a lot just to play. Prefer opting for those poker games where you only have to pay if you win the game. In the opposite case, you will be losing the tournament fee as well as the amount that you bet.

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How To Win At The Casino With $20



Win Casino

If you use the right strategies, $20 is enough to win huge casino bets. Professional gamblers know the tactics and start their bets with the lowest possible stake. Find out in this article what you can do with a small amount and how you can turn it into a massive win. 

Playing casino games with only $20

The outcomes of gambling and casino games are always unpredictable, due to which people are reluctant to stake a high amount. Here are the tips and tricks that you can use to win at the casino with as little as $20. 

1. Always avail the bonuses 

Every casino offers bonuses and promotional offers to the players. There are welcome bonuses, where the deposit amount is very little, and on that deposit, the players can get a 100% to 300% promotional bonus. Apart from the money, players also get a lot of free spins. These free spins can be utilized in specific games at the casino website, which gives you a chance to win money. 

2. Select the right casino 

All casinos have different gaming varieties and promotions. A casino website that is focused on sports betting has more offers on matches and games as compared to a poker site. First, take a look at the gambling skills that you have. Choose the casino website that offers the games in which you have a major interest. 

Also, not every casino has high-paying offers. Some with high-paying bonuses also have a 100% wagering requirement. This is why selecting a casino that matches your interest is very important. 

3. Place bets on high return percentage games 

In every game, the betting and winning odds are different. To place the bet with less amount, you need to look for the games that have a high return percentage. In any game that has a return rate of 99%, if a player makes 100x $1 bets, then it is confirmed that they can make $99 back on average. These games have a very little house edge; in the above example, the house edge is only 1%. 

4. Use the betting system, strategies, and charts 

Select the easiest game to win at the casino, of which you know all the strategies and tactics. For example, if you are playing Blackjack, then make sure that you know the winning strategies and tricks. In the case of sports betting, always select the team or the player that you really know about. You must know about the results of past matches and statistics to make the right decision. With this trick, you can take part in a tournament where the stake amount is as low as $20. These kinds of bets give quick and easy money to the players. All you have to do is to make your decision on the basis of the performance of the team instead of the emotional attachment to the game. 

5. Security 

Making money with $20 is easy if the player selects the secure and fair gameplay casino website. Selecting a casino that does not have good security will make you lose your private information just for the sake of winning a high amount. Stake your money at casino websites that have 128-bit, 256-bit encryption, or SSL authentication. Your data here will be unreadable, and you can focus on high wins without worrying about your personal details. 

6. Place small bets 

Individuals that have a limited amount of money should work on one fact, which is to never stake everything at once. Gamblers always look for the answer to; how to win at the casino? The answer is to always make small bets. For example, if you are going to the casino with $100 dollars, then make 10 bets worth $10. Placing one bet of $100 could make you lose everything in just a few minutes. With multiple bets, you have the chance to get more than half the amount back, even if you have lost some of the bets. 

List of best casinos where you can play with $20

To ease your hunt, here is a list of all the casinos where you can play with only $20 and win a huge amount. You can select the casino from the list below but only select those games that you have in-depth knowledge about. 

Wild Casino 

Wild Casino is the best casino where you can play for $20 only. The welcome bonus at this casino is 100%, where players can win up to $5,000. Make a minimum deposit of $20, and you can easily double it as a welcome bonus. 

Wild Casino

You will get $40 by depositing only $20. Enjoy making multiple small bets with $40 and take part in some massive jackpot games. If you are looking to win the jackpot in a casino, then there is no trick or hack for it. Jackpots are completely unpredictable on this website; place the smallest possible bets and take the chances, as the winning amount is very huge. 

El Royale Casino 

At El Royale Casino, with a minimum deposit of $10, players get a 250% match bonus of up to $12,500. Another offer that is present in this casino is a 140% slots bonus. Play any slot game on the site and get 140% in only one game. Every offer on the website has more than a 100% match-up bonus. Enter the casino with the lowest amount, and in no time, you will get multiple bonuses apart from the wins. 

Las Atlantis 

Las Atlantis offers some best ways to win money at the casino. With a 280% bonus welcome offer, players can win up to $14,000. With only $20, you can make a quick $76 only by registering on the website. 

Quick wins at the casino with a small amount

Every gambler looks for ways to win money by staking a minimum amount. The above article explains multiple ways how you can play and win at online casinos for only $20. Among all the tricks, the most important one is to find the right platform. Place your bets accordingly, use your deposit amount in such a way that you are eligible for bonuses, and play the easiest games possible.

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How to Play and Win Mississippi Stud



Mississippi Stud

Mississippi Stud, introduced by Scientific Games, is a casino table game with low house advantage. Players in this game do not have to play against other players. It is between them and the house dealer, which makes this game a house-banked game. Below, you will find all details about this game, such as strategies, tricks, and special tips.

What is Mississippi Stud?

Mississippi stud is a variation of the famous casino game Poker, which is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. In this game, players have to make a hand of five cards, of which 2 are their own, and three of them are community cards placed by the dealer. Wagering in this game is only allowed for one hand, and players are allowed to make one betting position. To learn how you can be a pro at this game, just read the following article. 

How to Play The Mississippi Stud

If you are thinking about how to play Mississippi stud, then know that it is like a shortened variation of Texas Hold’em. There is no dealer hand in this game, and the player will win based on his cards. The following steps will give you a complete introduction on how to play this game.

How to Play Miisipi stud

  • Just like Poker, the player has to make an ante wager in this game. 
  • The dealer will give two cards to the player and put three community cards face down on the table. 
  • After the distribution of the cards, the player can make a raised bet or he can fold the bet. 
  • The player can only raise the ante bet 1 to 3 times. 
  • After the player makes the decision, the dealer will turn in the first community card.
  • The player again gets the choice of either raising the bet or folding.
  • This continues until the dealer turns over the fifth card and pays the player. 
  • Players get paid according to the winning payout table.

This payment will also depend on the poker value that the player has in his hand. There are no side bets in this game.

Values and Titles of Different Types of Cards 

The following table can determine the title of the cards and their values. 

Royal Flush Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit.
Straight Flush A pack of 5 cards with same values
Full House Three cards of same values and two with the same suit but different values
Four of a kind Four cards of same values
Straight 5 consecutive cards of different suit
Flush Five cards of the same suit
Two pairs Two cards of same value and two cards of different values than the first ones and different suits
Three of a kind 3 cards of same values
High card Cards that have the highest values
One pair Two cards of the same value but different suits

Winning Payout Table

There are different payoffs for other hands in this game. For intance, if you have a final five-card hand in which there is a pair of sixes, chances are rare that you will lose the game. Similarly, a pair of sixes to tens is known as a push. You can keep your wagers in this pair and go for the next community card with an ante bet. In short, if you get higher-five card hands, you will get higher payoffs. The Mississippi stud payout is mentioned in the following points that you can check.

  • 1-to-1: Pair of jacks or better
  • 40-to-1: Four of a kind
  • 500-to-1: Royal Flush
  • 100-to-1: Straight Flush
  • 3-to-1: Three of a kind
  • 4-to-1: Straight
  • 6-to-1: Flush
  • 2-to-1: Two Pairs
  • 10-to-1: Full House

Terms and Definitions of Mississippi Stud

Before understanding how to win the Mississippi stud game, you must learn its terms and conditions. Understanding these terms will help you make the right decision at the right time.

Bet Wager: A bet wager can be any amount from the 3rd, 4th, or a 5th street wager.

4th Street Wager: It is an additional wager that the player makes. 4th street wager is also equal to one, two, or three times more than the amount of ante wager. It is available in the game when the dealer reveals the first community card.

5th Street Wager: It is the same as the 4th street wager. The only difference is that it is available after the dealer reveals the second community card.

Ante Wager: Ante wager is the first wager the player must make before the dealer turns up any of the community cards. 

What is The Best Strategy To Win Mississippi Stud

There are three decision points in studs playing cards. Every point has a specific strategy if you really want to master this game. 

First, always check your cards before the dealer turns over the community cards. Make sure that the first time you are making a wager, it should be big. You can go up to three times as the ante wager and can do that with any pair you have.

The second strategy is that you should make a small raise, or you can say an equal to ante wager raise if you have high cards. And then you can go all the way up if the 2nd community card is medium or lower. You can rely on the first community card even if it is a higher card. High cards here are defined as jacker cards. 

There is also a strategy if you have medium cards, i.e., from 6 to 10. When you get cards like this, raise your bet higher or equal then the ante wager. The winning margin will not be good because of the size of the card, but here you would not be losing anything. 

If you get a specific 6 and 5 pair, raise a small stake equal to the ante wager. If you do not have any of the above-mentioned cards or pairs, ask the community card player for the fold. Also, do not get sucked into the game if you have mediocre cards; otherwise, you will lose a lot. 

More About How To Play Mississippi Stud

The good thing about this game is that the players have three chances to raise if they get a good pair of cards. Do not get confused by this game with blackjack. It is not like a game where you need to place only one bet. To win this game, play the first two community cards correctly and make the right decision. Stay away from getting trapped in adding raises all the time for every community card. Even a small first card can push you towards increasing the wager, which will also increase the chances of losing.

Sometimes, if a player has a bad hand, he will also go for a bad raise. That is because it is a better choice than just folding. This game can also force you to make a folding decision as there is no checking method. So just make sure to think twice before every decision you make. Though with assuming optimal conditions, the house advantage in this game is 4.91% of the original ante wager.

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