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How to Win at Craps? Expert’s Casino Tips



how to win at craps

Craps is one of the fastest and most entertaining dice-based table casino games. Hence, it is widely favored by casino lovers and is a very popular casino game. It may look intimidating when looked at from afar but once you know the basics, it can help you win big in no time. If you are looking for a guide on how to win at craps, worry not as we have got your back! In this guide, we have gathered the expert’s advice that will help you learn the best way to keep winning at the craps in casinos.

How to Win at Craps?

To win at craps, there are certain things a player must take into consideration before starting to play. You will need to thoroughly understand the basic rules, adapt a craps strategy that is perfect for you, and keep in check your bank balance and your budget. If you have a short bankroll you may have to play a different style than how you play with a large budget. Moreover, like every other casino game, you will need lots of patience.

Lack of patience leads to a hasty and irrational play, a hasty and irrational play leads to a big loss, a big loss leads to anger, and anger leads to something like a craps table broken. If you wish to play rationally and avoid causing any loss, you must be in the right mental state for it. A game like crap requires a lot of concentration and attention. Failure is inevitable if you can’t concentrate.

Craps was originally known as the Hazard game. In 1788, the game was remastered and renamed Craps. The game started gaining huge popularity in the United States during World War II. Since then, Craps has been the go-to game for many OG casino players. It is fast-paced and fun to play so a lot of players get easily attracted to it. If you visit a popular casino, you will most probably see a bunch of crowds at the craps table spectating the thrilling game.

Properly Learn the Basics

how to win at craps

Craps table

The first thing you need to do before even joining the game is to know how the game works. If you want to know how to win at Craps, you must first learn the basics. A lot of players skip learning the basic rules and then wonder what have they done wrong that they keep losing. Having good knowledge of how the game works will greatly help you when your opponent is good at manipulating and doing mind tricks. Let us briefly explain the craps rules for you.

In craps, the objective is very simple but as I stated before, it can look a bit intimidating at the first sight. The complex structure of the Craps table is known for baffling players. However, once you get used to it, you will realize that it is not as hard as it looks.

Basically, one person throws the dice and the other guesses what numbers would appear and bet on the outcome. There are different types of wagers that a person can place. We will give a brief explanation for all of it.

The Shooter and The Stickperson

The shooter is the guy whose turn is to throw the dice. All bets are placed on the outcomes of the dice before the shooter throws it. You will normally have your turn as a shooter as long as you have an active pass or a don’t pass bet. Moreover, you have to bet on the outcomes of the shooter’s rolls when you are not it.

The stick person is the only individual who is allowed to move the dice after one has rolled them. Its sole purpose is to keep an eye on the dice and pass it to the person whose turn it is. A curved stick is used by that person to move the dice and pass it to others and hence the name Stickperson is given to that individual.

Types of Wagers

There are many types of bets but the most important ones are the ones given below.

Pass Line Bet: This bet is placed on the outcome of the first dice roll. On this bet, the amount gained is the same as the bet, and the odds offer an equal chance of winning or losing. This type of bet is known as even money bet. Getting a 7 or 11 will make you win while getting a 2, 3, or 12 will make you lose. Other dice combinations are going to get you a point. Once a point is established, to win the bet, you will have to get that number again before getting 7.

Don’t Pass Line: This bet also has an even-money chance of winning. This bet is the opposite of Pass line bet as in this one you will lose if you get a 7 or 11 and win if you get a 2 or 3. I don’t pass bet, a 12 dice roll is a tie and you neither win nor lose. When you make a point in this, you will lose if you get it again. However, rolling a 7 while having a point will get you a win.

Come Bet and Don’t Come Bet: These bets are opposites of each other and the same as Pass and Don’t Pass bets. The come bet will get you a win if the shooter rolls 7 or 11. On the other hand, in don’t come bets getting a 7 or 11 means you lose the bet. 2, and 3 will get you a win in don’t come bet and a loss income bet. 12 means a tie in Don’t Come bet while income bets getting it will make you lose the bet.

Have A Positive Mindset

how to win at craps

Benefits of having a positive mindset

If you are wondering how to win at craps to change your life, the first thing you need to do is have a positive mindset. Everything starts from within you. A great man once said “When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. Remember this phrase before you begin a game and be certain that you will win. Your mind attracts things as well, so take advantage of it! For example, science says that if you keep thinking you’ll win, you’ll have a better probability of winning than losing the game. This has to do with quantum physics, but we don’t need to know about it right now.

Don’t you get nervous when you see your opponents smirking and acting as if they know everything? It certainly frightens me. This is an excellent strategy for overwhelming opponents and making them doubt their abilities. Lack of confidence and negativity frequently result in significant losses. So just believe in yourself and trust your intuition and luck rather than thinking of the worst-case possibilities. If you can’t get rid of the nervousness, take some deep breaths before starting. Hopefully, you’ll come out on top!

Learn a Good Strategy

how to win at craps


On the internet, there are many various types of craps tactics; however, you must choose the finest craps strategy that fits your playstyle and works against your opponents. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a strategy is that just because one individual has nailed it, it doesn’t imply it will work the same way for you. Everyone has a unique way of thinking and a unique set of abilities. Furthermore, it is critical to understand your opponent’s plan so that you may select one that will work against him. There are different strategies for different sizes of bankrolls. We recommend reading this best craps strategy article authored by casino specialists if you’re looking for the proper techniques.

Have a Decent Bankroll

how to win at craps

A decent bankroll

Although there are tactics that can help you win with a small bankroll, it is still preferable to have a large bankroll when playing craps. This is since craps are a difficult game, and many people mock craps players, claiming that craps are nothing more than a way for the casino to take your money. However, I completely disagree with this assertion; in fact, I believe that Craps is an excellent approach to make enormous money! Having a healthy bankroll will allow you to play for a little longer.

For example, a wager of $10 on the pass line and odds of $20 on the pass line equals $30 on that one shooter. 10x implies you get to play with ten shooters, each for $30. Most people bet a little on the other, lower-odds bets, which must be factored in as well. Play at cheaper tables or casinos if you’re new to the game; we pay for our instruction, so don’t overpay.

Listen to The Stickperson

how to win at craps

Craps stick collecting dice

Bet the table minimum on the Pass Line when the stickperson or the stickman calls “Come out roll.” When a point is established, back the Pass Line wager with double odds. If you simply do that, you will be playing with the smallest house advantage. Listen to what the stickperson is announcing while you’re playing. It will all fall into place after a little while. Craps has its own vocabulary, which takes some getting used to. You can make other bets after you understand what’s going on. The house margin on most other bets is higher, but they are more enjoyable.

You must double-check that the Stickperson knows about your presence before you start making bets on a full table. This is to make sure that the stickperson does not get confused with which chips is whose and slow down the entire game. A stickperson, at the end of the day, is still a human and can not operate like a robot. Slowing down the game will irritate other people and some might even become against you. It is vital to adhere to the rules for no unneeded arguments and disputes.

Keep Your Lucky Charm with You

how to win at craps

Clover – Lucky Charm

f you have tried a lot of things but still can not find the right answer to how to win at craps, this might be a sign that you are forgetting your lucky charm! For some people, this may seem ludicrous, but I’ve always found fortunate charms to be incredibly effective. If you believe in such things, I strongly advise you to find your lucky charm. Also, keep it with yourself when you’re playing the games. These are most usually utilized to convey good luck to their owners.

As you may know, good luck is required in every casino game; be it a live table craps game or gambling in a minigame like getting crown gems in ESO. Moreover,  It will not only offer you good luck, but it will also increase your confidence and make you more optimistic about achieving your objectives. And may the odds be in your favor.

Learning Dice Control Skill

how to win at craps

Colorful dice

Learning to manipulate the dice is one thing you can do to improve your chances of winning. This is a difficult skill to master, but not impossible. It will offer you a tremendous advantage if you master it! Dice control is probably one of the most contentious aspects of casino games. This is neither illegal nor a cheat, which is humorous because it is a fantastic craps hack. The biggest reason for people’s ignorance is that few persons have demonstrated that they can genuinely master this ability.

Most players just think of dice controllers as people just spewing nonsense and that they are lucky that is why they get the desired numbers. However, there are a handful of players that have proven its authenticity. The key is to throw the dice at a certain angle with just the right amount of force. You can watch tutorials on the video to understand this more clearly. Buy some dice and keep trying it until you finally learn the art of dice control.


Learning how to win at craps is an amazing way to get started at the casinos. You will always find craps tables crowded with loud cheers and celebrations or moans and cries. Just learn the basics and a good strategy, listen to the stickman and master the dice control skills. These things will maximize your chances of winning. Hopefully, luck will be by your side!

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What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack? Complete Strategy



What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack


Blackjack is such a fantastic game that millions of people play at casinos globally. The staggering number of players having different nationalities play this amazing game at bars and casinos. Besides, this game appeals to all types of players because of its multiple variations regardless of their personal preferences and cultures. Moreover, the casinos offer multiple blackjack tables having different characteristics and betting limits. You can find a table that suits your betting style and budget. So it does not matter if you are a conservative player or a high roller. In this article, we tell you what does soft mean in blackjack.

The Popularity Of Blackjack

In addition, blackjack is the most widely game in the casinos due to its amazing features. It has simple rules that make it easy to play for all the players. Besides, the low house edge has contributed a lot towards its popularity globally. You require to know the counting ways of cards if you want to be able to determine the total and type of your hand. Further, the card system is easy in blackjack. The players can remember it easily.

All cards have a worth equivalent to their numeric values. King, Queen, Ace, and Jack have different values than the numeric cards. All the face cards have ten points. The value of an ace can be one or eleven. So as a player, it is very important to know about the vales of cards. Moreover, it is essential to know about the hands so that you can handle them during the game easily.

What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack

Blackjack Game In Casinos

What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack?

The concept of soft hands and hard hands in blackjack is essential to know for all the players to make the correct strategic decisions. Moreover, soft hands and hard hands are two odds for winning the blackjack game against the dealer. For the beginner, these words may sound weird. But they refer to two different kinds of hands in blackjack that a player can play. So strategies are developed for both hands differently. An ace card is the main difference between soft hands and hard hands in blackjack. This differentiation has given rise to many misplayed hands, unfortunately. Now, we discuss what soft hand in blackjack is and which steps you should take in case of possible soft hands:

What Is Soft Hand In Blackjack?

In blackjack, you have a soft hand when you have an ace in your hand while playing the game. This card is considered an important card since you can make adjustments in the total scores with the help of these cards. So if you have a soft hand, it means that you cannot go bust. The reason is that you can change the value of ace at any time during the game. But you should remember one thing that you cannot surpass the scores of twenty-one. Otherwise, you will lose the game. Further, losing your bet is the major reason due to which many players expect such types of hands in the game.

What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack

How To Play Soft 19 In Blackjack

Possible Combinations Of Cards

There are various combinations of cards that you can have while playing the game. For example, if you deal with an ace card and a four-card, it will make a total of soft fifteen. In case if the dealer has a strong up card and you decide to improve the hand through hitting. You can make the value of an ace card to one despite going bust when you want to draw an eight card. Therefore, the ace is deemed to be the most amazing card in a deck of 52 playing cards. Moreover, it gives you complete freedom and flexibility to play with the total of your hands.

How To Play The Soft Hands In Blackjack?

It is impossible that you may not develop the card combination that will lead you towards the soft hand. Hence, soft hands are common. Also, the basic strategy chart consists of a section regarding soft hands. But every move matters a lot on the table. The reason is that every move can open many opportunities for you to get massive profit in the game. So you must learn the basic strategy if you want to get a huge profit from playing blackjack.

Factors Affecting Your Moves

The recommended moves depend on the upcard of the dealer and the total of your hand in the basic strategy. Besides, you require to make your moves by considering two important factors. Indeed every situation can lead towards multiple outcomes. They are not necessarily bad for the players in the game. You can see many charts of basic strategy. But you should remember that you choose the correct chart and stick to it while playing the whole game of blackjack.

Significance Of The Basic Strategy

But the basic strategy does not ensure your success in the game. However, the basic strategy can help you minimize the chances of losing the game to a great extent. So if you want to lower the house edge and become an expert in this amazing game, you must learn the card counting system.

Some Possible Soft Hands

Now we tell you how to deal with the possible soft hands in the game. For example, if you have an ace and a three-card in your hands, a soft fourteen. So, in this case, you can choose the option to hit. But you cannot hit if the dealer’s upcard is a six or five. In this case, you can choose the option of double down. This strategy is the same in the case of soft thirteen, fifteen, and sixteen.

Moreover, you must hot when the dealer’s upcard is a six, five, or four. The reason is that in all these cases, the chart demands you to double down. So if you have an ace and a six-card in your hands, the dealer has an upcard of three, four, five, or six, then you should choose the option of double down. But for the rest of the cases, you should choose the option of the hit.

What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack

Blackjack Strategies

What To Do In Case Of Soft Sixteen?

The strategy for soft sixteen is quite complex. Total three moves are included in soft sixteen, depending upon the dealer upcard. So if you have soft sixteen and if the dealer has six, five, four, or three cards, you should choose the option of double down. But if the dealer’s upcard is eight, seven, or two, you should prefer the stand option. Moreover, for the rest of the cases, you should get an additional card. In other words, you should prefer the option of the hit.

What To Do In Case Of Soft Nineteen Or Twenty?

Additionally, if you have the soft nineteen or twenty, you should choose the stand option. In this case, the dealer’s upcard does not matter. The logic for this move is that you are in the most favourable position by having such hands. Also, any other decision will take you towards many demerits and negative outcomes in the gameplay. Moreover, you should consider one point that the average winning hand is 18.5 points. So it means that the total of two hands will be enough to beat the dealer in the game.

What Is Hard Hand In Blackjack?

The ace card is not included in hard hands. Also, if the ace card is included, it will be counted as one. Otherwise, the total will exceed twenty-one. These hands are considered risky and disadvantageous. The reason is that the chances of going bust are higher in the presence of such hands. For example, if you deal with a seven and eight card, you have a hard fifteen. This does not apply to the low-value hands having a total of eight, seven, six, five, or four. Besides, they can be improved and are riskier. Hence, in these cases, the players just prefer to hit despite focusing on the dealer’s upcard.

How To Play Hard Hands?

If you have a total of nine and the dealer has an upcard of six, five, four, or three, you must prefer the option of double down. For the remaining cases, the players should try and improve their total by choosing the option of hitting. In addition, if you have a total of eleven or ten, you must prefer double down always. But if the dealer’s upcard is an ace or ten, you should not do double down. So if you have two cards whose total is twelve, you must hit unless the dealer has an upcard of seven, six, five, or four. So, in this case, you must prefer the option of the stand. This is the same strategy in case you have a total of seventeen or more. In all these situations, you should choose the option of stand simply.

In addition, for the rest of the cases, the players must choose the stand option. Hence, in the case of hard thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen, the players should prefer the stand option. If the dealer’s upcard is different, the players must hit. Also, they should try to improve their total since the dealer is in a better position than the players.

Which Hands To Surrender In Blackjack?

You will face a situation while playing blackjack when you will about to lose the game. In such a situation, your level of skill and knowledge does not matter at all. So in this condition, the best option is to surrender. But the players cannot avail this move in all the conditions. But this option is quite beneficial for the players. Hence, it is important for the players to know all the blackjack game variations before starting the game. If you find that the rules do not apply to this move, you prefer the basic strategy.

In this move, you can keep half of your bet. But you will have to give half without playing your hand to the casino voluntarily. You withdraw from the present game with half of the bet in a condition where you have to lose the game. But this move is advantageous if you know how to use this move when required.

What To Do In Case Of Hard Fifteen Or Hard Sixteen?

For example, if you have a hard fifteen or hard sixteen and the dealer has a total of nine, ten, or ace, the players should take advantage of the surrender move. If you have a total of eight, you should apply a different approach. Besides, if you have a pair of eight, it will be advantageous for you to make two new hands by splitting the pair. So you have the chance to create two separate hands, which have a good opportunity to make a decent total provided that each player receives the eight.

When Should Players Double Down?

Double down is a profitable blackjack strategy. But it is beneficial only when the players use it wisely and at the right time. So the players should double their hands in the middle after dealing with two initial hands. So doubling down refers to receiving one more card.

In addition, doubling down in the case of hard hands is risky. In comparison, the players can double down in the case of soft eighteen, seventeen, or sixteen. So the players should double down wisely in the game.

What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack

Double Down In Blackjack

Summing Up What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most fantastic games that you enjoy at bars and casinos. It has a huge fan following around the world. Besides, you can find multiple options of blackjack at various casinos. If you ask, what does soft mean in blackjack? The answer is when you have an ace in your hand, it will make the total of eleven; it refers to the soft hand. So if you have a soft hand, you cannot go bust since you can change the value of ace at any time during the game.

Moreover, we have explained how to play a variety of soft hands. Also, we have defined hard hands and their rules to play. We hope that you have understood the soft hand and hard hand now. So enjoy blackjack games in casinos and have fun.

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Does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair? : The ultimate guide



Does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair

Are you a poker player? Do you want to win every game you play but someone better than you always defeats you? If yes, then this guide is for you. Poker is a renowned game that people play around the world. It has numerous variations and players can play whichever variant they want to play. Starters want to begin winning big right from their first game and that is why they frequently ask questions like does 3 of kind beat 2 pair? or does 3 of a kind beat a straight etc? However, for beginners, it is important that they know everything there is regarding this game. Knowing the tricks of this game can greatly help them to play and win.

In this article, we will find out about poker hand rankings and if 3 of a kind can beat 2 pair. So, it is time to get things started.

Poker Hand Rankings

Before getting to know the answer to, does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair, it is necessary that we understand poker hand rankings. In a game of poker, when we are talking about hand rankings, we refer to the various hands a punter can play. For every poker player, knowing about poker hands is extremely crucial. They are important because, on the basis of this, punters determine their gaming strategy which is detrimental for a win. Without an effective game strategy, poker players not only lose the game but also the money that they invest in the game. These hands are greatly critical in some of the popular variants of poker including Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em etc. In these games, players choose from a number of poker hands such as 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind to beat their opponents, or in some games, the dealer who might decide to go with another poker hand such as 2 pair or royal flush to face the opponent.

Starting from the strongest possible poker hand, the Royal Flush tops the list. Getting this flush is very rare. Nevertheless, it can beat any poker hand. It is worth noting that the chances of getting this flush are highly unlikely. It comprises of 5 cards in total, all in the same suit and includes a King, Queen, 10, Ace, and a Jack.  After the Royal Flush, there comes another strong poker hand, the Straight Flush, followed by 4 of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind which can beat many, then 2 Pair, One Pair, and the weakest of all, the High Card. Now that we know about poker hand rankings, it is now time to discuss in detail what is 3 of a kind and 2 pair and does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair or not?

does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair

Knowing about poker hand rankings is important as it greatly increases the chances of winning

3 of a kind

Can we say that 3 of a kind can beat 2 pair? If yes, how? Before we answer this, let’s learn a bit more about 3 of a kind. Three of a kind is a poker hand that consists of 5 cards in total. 3 out of these 5 cards are in the same suit. Whereas, the other 2 cards may or may not belong to the same suit. For example  3 3 3 Q 7♥. It can be seen that there are cards that are in the same suit. While the remaining two cards are different. Not only the suits are different, but the ranks too. Because of its unique name, this poker hand can be recognized easily.

As soon as a person hears ” 3 of a kind”, they automatically start thinking about a combination of 3 cards of the same unit. As a matter of fact, when we are to find out the number of possible combinations of 3 of a kind poker hand in a standard deck of 52 cards, then do not get shocked because there can be a total of 54,912 unique combinations. Besides, as far as the ranks are concerned, a total of 858 different ranks of three of a kind can be formed. 

2 Pair

2 pair is another kind of poker hand that ranks below three of a kind. It has 5 cards in total. Of these 5 cards, two cards are of similar rank, two similar cards of a different rank, and one other card of another different rank. For example K♥ K♣ 6♣ 6♠ 8♥. The chances of getting a 2 pair are more than the chances of forming 3 of a kind.

Does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair?

A simple answer to the question, does 3 of a kind beat 2 pair? is yes. There are a number of reasons behind that The first and foremost, poker hands ranking. It is worth noting that in terms of poker hands ranking, 2 pair lies below 3 of a kind. It is because to get 3 of a kind is more difficult compared to 2 pair, hence making it stronger. Mathematically speaking, it is a lot difficult to draw out 5 cards randomly from a standard set of 52 cards and form 3 of kind. On the contrary, the chances of forming 2 pair are more.

For better understanding, let’s now find out what’s the percentage of drawing 5 random cards out of a standard 52 card deck and forming a 2 pair and 3 of a kind respectively. For instance, in Texas Hold’em (a famous variant of poker), for a punter to draw out 5 random cards and form 3 of a kind, the chances are 4.8%. On the other hand, there are around 24% chances for a player to draw 5 random cards out of a 52 card deck and form 3 of a kind. Now it is clear that 3 of a kind is a rare poker hand to form and hence stronger than 2 pair, ultimately having the power to beat 2 pair.


Poker is an entertaining game that many people enjoy playing around the world. This game can make players earn big and make them successful. It is significant for punters to know every detail of this information to become a pro. In this article, we discussed how 3 of a kind is stronger than 2 pair and on what basis can it defeat it. With this piece of information, beginners can add to their existing knowledge regarding poker and play with more wisdom for it is important for players to opt for a strategy that is effective enough to make them win, which cannot be possible without having complete knowledge.

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Can You Counterfeit Casino Vouchers?



Can You Counterfeit Casino Vouchers

In this article, let us discuss can you counterfeit casino vouchers or not. Casino vouchers are used all over the world in casinos and for gambling purposes. There are ways and tips to tackle or counterfeit these casino vouchers. There are a lot of sources through which you can know about the counterfeit of casino vouchers in the casinos and gambling. But some players find out some fraudulent ways like cheating the life of a luxury machine.

The Online Gambling Websites

There are a lot of websites and organizations we cannot name because it is against their privacy but they support gamblers and some gambling activities. These gamblers are mainly from Europe and other countries so just like that, there are a lot of websites available you can like do these things online. There are a lot of methods through which you can differentiate the real ones from the fake ones. For instance, in the real note, there is a thread attached and you can see it only through the ultraviolet rays and the touch, the touch of a duplicate note, and magnifying everything there are a lot of sources.

It Is Not Easy To Counterfeit Casino Vouchers Due To Modern Technology

Everything is modern and advanced now in this modern era. Technology is advanced nowadays so these things make it hard for criminals to use the casino vouchers in gambling or the casinos. Moreover, there are also watermarks or certain currencies. There is a proper difference between the size of a duplicate and real currency. Even when a fake bill comes inside the bank so they take it in for processing. They arrange a meeting between the transaction owner and the account owner. Also, they do proper processing of this transaction.

The banks and their technology are also advanced nowadays. Hence, you cannot use the casino vouchers in a bank. They do processing of a fine security level. Besides, they detect everything so you cannot bluff them with anything. So it probably takes a mastermind to hack this thing or use the casino vouchers in different ways. Additionally, those ways are illegal and they affect the currency and the economic situation of the country adversely.

Can You Counterfeit Casino Vouchers?

Casino Vouchers

The Security System At The Casinos

There are a lot of casinos where the security is not that tight. Moreover, people and gamblers can use their illegal casino vouchers and illegal money in those casinos without any proper detection. Henceforth, most of the gamblers with these fake casino vouchers go to those places. Also, only those have the idea of it because there is a lot of illegal processes going on. Besides, not every casino has strong security. A lot of casinos try to have higher maintenance of security.

Nowadays it is not easy to use these casino vouchers for every gambling spot. The reason is that there are some laws for these things. Further, these are completely illegal things. Mostly powerful people can do these things and by powerful we mean people with money. So there are a lot of ways through which you can counterfeit casino vouchers and stay away from them it and be not the victim of it.

Importance of Strict Security System in The Casinos

The voucher security systems nowadays in most casinos are very strict. Also, the security system restricts counterfeiting casino vouchers. Moreover, they can detect invalid vouchers or counterfeit those vouchers during the scenario. In the earlier times, there was not a stable method to find out the invalid casino vouchers so people used them in a lot of places without being detected as compared to today. But now, detecting these vouchers is easy for the banks the casinos. In short, most gambling spots and casinos have proper checks and balance on their systems.

Can You Counterfeit Casino Vouchers?

Counterfeit Casino Vouchers is a Scam

The New Ticket System At Casinos

Most casinos are now operating a ticket system. The reason is that the casinos are facing many scams. Moreover, hopper scams and old coin validators have plagued the casino and gambling industry for many years. But these scams will not retain now due to TITO type system. We cannot claim that there will be no fraudsters and scammers. So some scammers always try to make money through fraudulent activities at the casinos. Furthermore, the scammers are now trying to find out new ways to defeat TITO vouchers.

Guidelines By The Casino And Gaming Authorities

The Gaming Authorities and Gambling Commissions have some strict guidelines regarding the ticket system in the casinos. They require to check each voucher at casinos. Hence, it will not be possible for some scammers to counterfeit casino vouchers. Besides, the commission requires to have the unique serial number for every voucher. In this way, the authorities will catch fraudulent activities.

Whenever a TITO voucher is paid to the slot player, they can redeem it for cold harsh cash either through a slot attendant, cashier’s cage, or automated teller machine. The casino employees redeeming such vouchers should scan the barcode. Besides, they must verify the validity of vouchers. Then they should pay out the cash to the customers. But some employees do not follow the policies. That is the reason why some scammers get succeed in pulling off the TITO voucher scam. One way to resolve this problem is to make a photocopy of the TITO voucher. The casino employee will take the original voucher.

Can You Counterfeit Casino Vouchers

Mobile Casino Vouchers

What Do Scammers Do With Casino Vouchers?

But if the casino employee is not following the rules, will cash the voucher for the scammer on the spot. Then he will save up the redeemed voucher. The scammer can insert the photocopied voucher into the slot machine. When he cashes the original one, he will set about cashing their credits for the new voucher that they can redeem for cash through an ATM. Henceforth, if the casino employee does not validate all the TITO vouchers that they have redeemed, this scam cannot be controlled.

Summing Up Can You Counterfeit Casino Vouchers

Players use Casino Vouchers all over the world for gambling purposes. But in this era, it is not an easy task to counterfeit the casino voucher due to modern technology. Besides, due to strict scrutiny implied by the casinos, you cannot counterfeit the casino vouchers. But the casinos have introduced a new ticket system to catch the scammers and fraudsters. The Gambling Commission has designed some strict policies to validate each voucher. Every voucher must be audited and have the serial number and bar code. Moreover, this ticket system is successful if the casino employees work honestly and carefully.

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