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How to Make a Craps Table: The Best DIY Method




How to Make a Craps Table

Going to a casino is now not an easy thing because of the constant hide and seek lockdown because COVID is playing with humanity. Thus bringing home the craps table is an option but it is a luxury few can afford thus we have a way for you to feel the same at home. How to make a craps table is the epicenter of our article but with things laying at home.

How to Make a Craps Table at Home

Making a craps table at home is an easy thing to do and it doesn’t require many materials.

Materials and Tools Needed

  1. Scissors
  2. Little dice
  3. Velcro
  4. Tape
  5. Printer
  6. Paper
  7. Glue Stick
  8. Cardboard

The Steps

This is a multi-step process that requires minimal effort.

Step 1 – Making the base of the table

Take the cardboard and form a rectangular football stadium-like shape as seen in the picture below, then go to any website and use the printer to print out a nice layout of the craps table. Here we have made your life a little, easier. Just click on this to get your layout.

Take the glue and stick it to the cardboard and then make sure there are no rough edges.

How to Make a Craps Table

Something like this

Now the next step is to go to this link here or alternatively search for “wood grain layout” on google and then print the layout.

Upon printing cut it into strips of equal length and width and use the glue stick to stick it to the corners of your rectangular cardboard base.

Step 2- The Legs

Take a piece of cardboard and make equal-sized triangles, make sure they are a bit thick. Take each one and paste it with the glue on the bottom of the table you just made in step 01.

How to Make a Craps Table

This is a bit tough to achieve but if you can pull this off, then it is better than what we suggested, it will though take more time.

Step 3 – The Anti-Cheat System

If you have a sponge lying around at your home, take the bottom rough part of it and cut two equal-sized rectangular shapes. Then take your glue and attach it to each end of your craps table but make sure they are attached at the same point on both ends as shown in the picture.

How to Make a Craps Table

Anti Cheat System

This is an anti-cheat system and it will prevent the dies from being manipulated by one player.

Step 4 – Play

Now you are able to play, take the dice and place bets while having the best homemade table, why best? Because you made it yourself.


You can make a dice strip as well but we don’t recommend it, as it doesn’t add value but if you want to win at craps then we certainly recommend this guide here.





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