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You Can Now Use Crazy Time Track to Track Game Results




Crazy Time Tracker

The Crazy Time is an enchanting online slot game developed and published by Evolution gaming company. The game’s story is based on the successful dream catcher money wheel principle. Crazy Time track works as an oversight monitor to ensure all game results, play history, bonus history, and play pattern of the player are revealed. Tracking aims to let the player see what the next move of the system RNG could be.

What Makes Crazy Time a Favourite Game

Besides being built with advanced technology and interactive effects, Crazy time has multipliers of up to 25000x of the player’s stake. The game prides itself on having four bonuses, all of which come with their amounts and winning conditions.

Of the thrilling and engaging nature of the game, players keep on following crazy time statistics to ensure they are up to date with the game results pattern. The game has a random number generator, making matching and winning combinations fairer than any other online game.

The Birth and Growth of Crazy Time Live Game

Crazy Time Evolution Gaming was launched in 2017, and since then, it has grown to become the most-played online Live game. Since Crazy time is a live game, it is considered one of the game shows which are very popular globally. Crazy time statistics reveal that many players usually play in the evening. The tracker also shows that Crazy time is the most played online game compared to any other online casino game.

Statistics also reveal that many players play Crazy Time on Friday evenings. People prefer to play on the weekend because most people have finished their weekly duties and are now relaxing by playing the game. Based on Crazy Time Casino stats, the number of players constantly fluctuates based on the bonuses and offers available.

Types of Bonuses Available at Crazy Time Game

The game prides itself on offering four Lucrative bonuses, which might provide a windfall amount to players.

Crazy Time Tracker bonuses

CASH HUNT BONUS GAME 108 Random Multipliers
COIN FLIP BONUS GAME Different value Multipliers

Using the tracker, players can always check the probability of a bonus coming on the next spin. It is assumed that the more the bonus delays to come, the more it is likely to come on the next spin so wagering on such a bonus enhances your winning chances.

  • Cash hunt is a shooting collection that contains 108 multipliers. Symbols engulf every multiplier. Before the player shoots their targets, the symbols are shuffled after the countdown timer starts. Players choose different multipliers so that everyone will win different amounts of multipliers.
  • Coin Flip Bonus-Coin flip bonus determines which multiplier will be won. A coin of different colors is flipped. When the coin lands, the top side wins. Two multipliers are always generated before the coin is flipped, one for the side of the coin that faces up and another one for the side that faces down.
  • Pachinko Bonus-Pachinko is a wall with multiple pegs on it. The game controller typically drops a puck, and where this puck lands is where the multiplier will be won. There is a chance that the puck will land on a double value, and when it happens, it drops again. The puck has a maximum drop of up to 10,000x

Why Use the Crazy Time Tracker?

You could be wondering why it is always advised to use the Crazy time tracker. Every game requires a strategy, and for a game that uses the Random number generation principle, it is essential to have all the statistics onboard to ensure you make the most appropriate decisions. Crazy Time Tracker gives you real-time updates on the game winnings, the number of plays, and the bonuses available.

As a serious gambler, such information helps you ensure you make the best moves and wagers to enhance your chances of winning. By combining data on the recent results from the last 21 plays you have made, you can predict the subsequent results, and the likelihood of being correct is very high.

Information That Crazy Time Track tracks

Essential information is displayed on the Easy Time Track to ensure you make the appropriate decisions. Here are some of the statistics that you get.

  • Spin History-History of your spinning and results help to enable you to predict the following combination. Even though it is a randomly generated number, you can use previous spinning results to make accurate predictions.
  • Learn about the latest top multipliers-If you keep track of multipliers, it would be easy for you to know the probable next multiplier. By knowing the next multiple, you are in a position to enhance your winnings.
  • Top Slot Matched Wheel Results-Results History is essential to enable you to know the following outcomes. This is the best way to ensure you select the combinations that are more likely to become true.
  • Hefty Win Videos- By knowing the winning videos of live games, you can get some skills and tactics to make you play creatively and win. Using the Crazy Time Track, you can watch the game live.

Is Game Tracking Really Helpful?

Do statistics help players to make the best choices? Tracking results is helpful but doesn’t guarantee the player a win. Winning a slot game is about being keen and paying attention to wilds, multipliers, and other triggers so that you know which symbols to utilize to enhance your winning chances.

Tracking results has made many people fall into the gambler’s fallacy principle. Let’s say you are spinning five games; out of the five games, the Pachinko feature is yet to be activated. The player might use the statistics to predict that the next spin will have the Pachinko feature. Remember, the same way you think is the same as the system reasons, so based on statistics, the Pachinko feature is more likely to come on the next spin, but since it’s a random number generated, it is not guaranteed.

Suppose you will use information such as spinning history, top multipliers, hefty wins, a systematic order of big wins, and comparisons between tracking stats and actual occurrence frequency. In that case, the tracker is for you, and it can help you reveal such information.

The Bottom Line on Crazy Time Tracker

The Crazy Time track is one of the most reliable tools if you want to make winning strategies for your spinning. Using the spinning history data, you can predict the following sequence, enhancing your winning chances. This data, however, doesn’t mean the predictions are automatically correct; it simply means your winning chances are enhanced, so there is still room for a loss. Even as you use the tracker, it is always essential to use common sense and analytical thinking to make predictions. Gaming developers make the game tracker, so trusting it so much is not advisable.

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